With the introduction of the classic Abrumms Collection, JIDA WATT has made a bold and distinctive statement in innovative signature eyewear.  Inspired by the delicacy of the portrait frames of the 19th century, the Abrumms collection is the new centerpiece of the JIDA WATT line.  ‘Japanese Titanium’ is still at the core of our brand aesthetic, as our frames include nose pads which have been meticulously fashioned of Japanese Titanium and handcrafted in Japan.


In addition to the front of the frame, Abrumms temple-tips have been designed to be the key feature of this collection. The crafting of all intersecting lines on both sides of the temple-tips is designed to harmonize with the front concept and emphasize the strong artistic statement of this collection.


This new collection has three different color-styles of lenses: Topaz Brown, Beryl Green, and Goshenite Silver Mirror. Each color has been carefully selected to perfectly complement the frame colors and elements, including the touch of silver mirror coating on the Goshenite style.


The Abrumms Collection also has a special added element to improve the wearer’s vision: ‘Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating’ which is applied to every pair of our CR flat lenses to prevent back-glare. The anti-reflective coating helps improve vision and reduces eyestrain by decreasing glare from reflected light.


Our CR lenses are as clear and rigid as glass lenses but are much lighter in weight. They also are resistant to the effects of acid and other chemicals and incur less deformation. Together with the lightness in weight of the lenses, our Japanese titanium enables us to produce the strongest and lightest frames available. The Abrumms Collection is the most recent bold statement in JIDA WATT eyewear, adding to the strong character and enchantment of our line.

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